Back on the Horse
After what feels like too long, I'm getting back on the daily writing kick. My goal is to write a minmum of 500 words a day. Monday through Friday that first 500 will go to "Sir Chimbo the Kun-fu Astro-monkey vs the Martians". On Saturdays and Sundays I'll work on my existing projects and shoot for a minimum of 1,000 words on thsoe days.

If the title of my current project grabs you, become a patron and you'll get to see my weekly output from that. I also plan on YouTubing more and making the videos available to higher end patrons. I'll talk about projects and read from works in progress. 

I also plan on putting voice to recorder again soon. I need to give my producer some audio so he doesn't forget me. That will also go to higher end patrons. I want to add ten patrons and break through the $200 level this month. I can do that with content and your help. Spread the word!