Back on track and a NEW POL-APO UPDATE!
Hey guys!! Sorry for the super radio silence lately, but thank you SOOOO MUCH for your continued support! The holidays were not a very happy time for my family this year with the death of my grandfather, but I've had time to come to terms with it and I'm ready to throw myself full-hog back into comics work! If you feel like you haven't been getting your just dues while I was on semi-hiatus, please let me know and we'll figure out a way to fix that! 

Also, Pol-Apo is back on schedule with updates! Pledgers at the $5 tier and above can suggest prompts to move the story along, and I'm keeping the password the same for another month because of the delay in updates! The password can be found in the last $5+ only post.

 Update #1.5 just went live on both the private [ ] and public [ ] blogs, so if you're at $5 or above, head over to the private one and shoot me some prompts! 

Thanks everybody! 


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