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Back to the drawing board - Life Drawing 101

I had a fantastic first week of school. It feels like something in me is waking up, after a long and restful sleep. My mind is whirling with ideas, even energy! (Energy is something I've been in short supply for me the last several years.)

I'm taking a life drawing course to sharpen my drawing and perceptions skills. Life drawing is an academic general in the representational art world. One of the requirements is that we keep a sketchbook and spend every day sketching. You would think that's a no brainer for an artist, but it's not a habit I've every developed. Now my grade depends on it. So. Cool!

We are starting with gesture drawings, which is basically what it sounds, capturing the gestures of living objects. Gesture drawings are typically done very quickly, about 30 seconds is ideal. I think it will take a little time for me to get that fast. We are supposed to have 50 gestures from life by Friday. Here is the page I liked the best from today's efforts. It's not where I need to be, but I really enjoyed the movement the inked lines convey. Tell me what you think!

Thanks for staying tuned and supporting my efforts!