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So Patreon sent me a helpful email urging me to post something every day when I'm just getting started — "Every day, we tell you!" And the crack of the whip echoes against bare concrete walls.

I'll share as much as I can about the creative process. I'll also share much of that through my blog. But the fact is, I have to pop in and out of liminal spaces like this so I can focus properly on the actual work — the thing without which this superstructure of communicating with readers is just empty posturing.

Right now is such a time. I have started adapting Places by the Way #4: Sylvanhome to fit with the Forgotten Realms. We're going to publish it under the title, Elves of Semberholme. It's proving to be a relatively subtle and complicated port, as it involves working the history of elvenkind in Faerun into the fabric of the village and their developing relationship with the humans encroaching on the forest. The backstory of the entire village, as well as the specific backstories of many NPCs, will require some rethinking and complication.

So I need to focus on this right now. I'll pop back in if anything interesting comes to mind, but please don't be put off if you don't hear from me for a little while.

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