Back to the grind!
After taking my lengthy break, I'm pleased to announce that I will be working diligently on getting back into my ASMR. I will already be posting my edited streams to my youtube in segments, and I will be putting up some more videos that will hit Patreon early. 

I DO have to send my microphone in to get repaired. The right ear is at like 10% at this point. It might take some time to get it out to the UK and then returned to me, so pleeeease be patient. In the meantime, I'll be doing my best to record some videos with my Zoom H1. Some videos I hope to be sending your way: Personal attention breakfast in bed (eating sounds), Moody/Snobby Goth chick is rude to you, squishy gel ball sounds, kinetic sand, and more! Please stay tuned! <3 :D