Back to Idle
Things are back to normal.

We're moved.

I'm sleeping without Ambien.

The new house is quiet.

The Catmina 2016 is pretty much done. All that is required now is wire transfers to go through and samples to be checked.

I have about 1.5 months before things get busy again. Once the scarves come in, shipping will need to be executed.

I'm thinking about running Catmina 2017. Although the 2016 sold out in a couple days, I'm somewhat skeptical that people are ready for another one. Who knows.

Grinding on art for a few weeks straight, I feel kinda useless doing nothing now.

I made Lord Punky today... it's a riff on RipNDip's Lord Nermel.

It's a turd.

But turds must be expunged. They represent +3 XP points. Certainly a paltry amount of experience like a Slime in Dragon Quest, but it's better than 0.

I have a couple other crappy ideas I will probably need to expunge from my mind before I work on something worthy.

I am not motivated since I have no paying art in the queue.

I guess making work, THEN hoping it will be rewarded is a dead method nowadays.  Back in the day, it was called "Spec work." It is a hated type of work vehemently contested by artists who already had paying clients, thus allowing their egos to utilize their disdain to posture their superiority over artists without paying clients.

Back in the day it was easier to win contests or get approved for a print a t-shirt site or sell product direct to the customer. Now, game on. Hardcore level too.

Anyways, there's a few things I kinda wish I could do and somehow pull out of thin air a livelihood.

A custom cat doll (fabric or paper, not sure) Kickstarter.

A WSJ Randy Glass stippled style human portraits Kickstarter.

An poster print of my take on the Aliens saga, one of my favorite movie series.

We will see.

Today is my 1257th day of self employment.