After new policits of Instagram and Facebook almost all creators feel lack of support from social media. As earlier we were able to share our creations easily, last weeks make us feel really depressed with stats. 

After proposition of Alyson to move here as to blog and main page I started to think wisely about possibilities. Patreon is comfy as blog, and here you can shareeasily your works and articles (more then 2000 sympols, yes!). But also I feel that I need to be very careful with pledges. The time my Patreon was active almost all people came here to see some exclusive content with meaning of naked body. I love fanservice cosplay, but that's not I generate now, and I can't understand now how it's better to arrange everything.

What do I have now?

  • Prints and souvenirs - magnets, notepads, polaroids etc.
  • Collector's books 
  • Information about starting your own business as creator (etsy, production, promotion etc)
  • Songs, instrumentals - everything you need for covers and singing

I'm not sure about exclusive content - usually people expect to see fanservice, and here I got misunderstanding. But what I know for sure - I can post here easily all content I have and get quick feedback from you, which is super important. And pledges can be just part of my creations which are not obligate for sure.

So I'll be glad to get your feedback, as I can't calm my mind about all that social media stuff.