Back to School Week: Diane Ravitch
I want to start by apologizing for missing a day. Yesterday, I went to go grocery shopping and I blew a spark plug. So instead of grocery shopping, we went home with my car sounding like it’s steam powered.

But we still needed groceries.

I had a trailer which I haven’t bought the hitch for (The hitch was attached to the bike that was stolen a few years ago…) so I went to hardware store, jerry-rigged the trailer on my bike and rode the 4 mile round trip to the grocery store.

Good news, we now have groceries, bad news, I have no car and I missed the deadline.

So I am shortening this week to 4 and we end this week with Diane Ravitch.

Diane Ravitch is an education expert and you should really read her book Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools (Or watch her on Moyers and Company, if it’s available; her interview on the Majority Report a while back was amazing, too.) which is where this quote is from.

I credit her with the idea that I have been discussing about democracy in Education.

Now that we are sending our children back to school we should help shape their school into something valuable, that human right which teaches them who they are, that the values we teach them today will be how we govern in the future.

Because knowledge and understanding is what needs to be taught. Without both of those we are no longer part of the democracy.

Sadly, this is why our mayors are kicking down those tent poles of our community. Our politics are corrupt and those mayors are in the pockets of the corporate elite. They do not want education to teach knowledge and understanding, because they only want an obedient class of workers.

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