Back to square one with my landing pages and website

Yap, the website nightmare continues. After days upon days of trying to figure out what is the cause of my book landing pages connectivity issues (they often wouldn't load or the attempt would result in a Google privacy warning that prevented the visitor from accessing the pages), my (soon to be ex) website building and hosting service IMCREATOR (also known as IMXPRS) finally came clean today - there is no SSL included in their white label plan I'm using. 

I opted for this plan because it would allow me to build websites for potential clients and I was hoping to create a new source of income that way. Nothing will come out of this, as it now seems, because no SSL means that the sites are NOT protected from hacker attacks and are thus as much as useless. 

The worst part of this is that I've been going back and forth regarding this issue with them for weeks before they finally cared to admit that there is no freaking SSL. They only now cared to tell me that I could buy and pay more, of course, for the SSL certificates. There is no mention of that anywhere on my dashboard, nor was there any warning regarding this to be found anywhere on their website when I opted in.

They are telling me this now, after days upon days of pulling my hair out and sending them countless emails (their customer support have only an email option with limited working hours available) trying to figure out what's wrong, after days upon days of them claiming how everything is fine and blaming the issue on my modem and local issues (whatever that's even supposed to mean), after days upon days of taking me for a ride - they are only now finally coming clean after I told them I want out and after I repeatedly asked for a refund. 

Which leaves me with one option - fight for the damn refund and start from scratch on another platform. This time, I'm opting for Squarespace for two reasons - 24/7 support and SSL included. And, no, I'm not at all happy about this.