Back to the studio...

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I'm heading back down to the studio today. 

It's a massive vocal day, so I was up early to go running, take a hot shower, get some stretching in...basically I do as much as I can to keep the top half of my body as loose as possible...I find that it helps me sing more freely. (In case you're curious about the preparation!)

I'm working on harmonies as I type, listening over and over to come up with the best options, and I'll be spending the day hopping between the piano to figure things out, and then the microphone where I'll hopefully be delivering them!

Just wanted to give you the update. :)

Oh, also- since it's apparently newsworthy and important to know  what women put or do not put on their faces, I'll be doing all of this (gasp) with no make up...

I seriously can't believe that women wearing or not wearing make up is dominating the news cycle...there are more important things to talk about and work on, don't you think?

Ok...hopping off the soapbox, and back to work!

Have a beautiful day,