Okay! So it finally happened! I lost a bunch of art that I'm fairly certain I drew, but I can not find it for the life of me. I can't remember if I drew it on paper, or if I drew it digitally, or on which computer, or.... anything. It's just a figment of my imagination. I finally broke down and started another sketch of it, just to get moving on, and then I started working on this page below. (I still have yet to finish the other pages I was working on. I'm about 8 hours of solid work, from finishing at least one project, and yet I can't seem to find those 8 hours!)

Above and below: sketches for the chapter heading of Eoin's stories. He's a single father trying to raise two children in the monster-ravaged city of Pangaea.

Below: inking Eoin and his children. I don't know what I did with my calibrations for my Cintiq but my drawings have been getting more and more detailed, so I'm a bit worried everything from here on out is going to be super detailed. I'd say I'm sorry that it's taking me so long to create art, but I'm really enjoying how beautiful it looks (and feels!) to draw.

-As an aside; the way a pen or paintbrush "feels" as it is pulled across the paper is something intrinsic to creating art, I think, but it could just be a weird crossed wire in my brain or something. It's one of the reasons I enjoy oil painting more than watercolor. The fact that I did something to my Cintiq to make digital drawing more tactile is kind of indulgently fantastic.

Below: Inking in Eoin's apartment building. He's a big guy, but I think he's a little too tall for the building - a mistake in perspective, but it is what it is, and I need to keep moving on!

Okay, back to work for me!