Back to writing! Sort of...
Hello my darlings! I'm in Atlanta, woke up bright and early and have sat down to write the second part of the blog post about Russian women's stories (here is the first part ) only to realize I'm hungry and writing without breakfast probably won't work. It's too distracting. (I did drink lots of coffee, but my stomach is protesting—it's dinner time in Moscow.) So I think I'll go to the airport way early (my flight to Seattle is at 6:40 pm, and it's 10:40 am right now) and eat and write from there.


And I'm in love with America  (and all its current craziness, because despite everything, in Russia it would've been a different game—I'll be writing an article on how Russians view Trump's presidency, so stay tuned). I missed it badly, but didn't realize how much until this morning. This trip has done a lot for me. Lots of changes, some of which I'm probably not even aware of yet.

And I'm ready to get back to daily work and post here my progress, as usual. There will be a few days to just veg out and feel at home and spend time with kids and Royce, but I feel an incredible itch to bloody start already. I have met a Bolshoi ballerina in Moscow  (her name is also Ksenia!) who will answer all my questions about details I need for TUBE, and after the final draft is done (2-3 months, give or take), I'll dive into JANNA for a long time. That is, until the plot is perfect (or as perfect as I can get it). It might take a while. It might take a whole year. Regardless, I'll be working closely with my writing mentor on making JANNA my best novel yet. And you'll be witnesses to that. 

Tell me what you want to see here? Do you like the daily writing updates? Something else? I'm all ears. 

Anyway. I was thinking about all of you, and I wanted to write you a quick update, to thank you for supporting me. I love you. Great things are coming. 


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