Back To You cover :)
Hey guys! New Cover! Thanks again for all the support :)

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Copper Tier
$1 or more per month
Copper Members are going to get early access to all my videos! As well as be featured in the credit roll at the end of all my videos in the month(s) you have donated! 

Thank You So Much! Every dollar helps! 

*Credit Names will start appearing in the video that posts after your first donation.*

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Bronze Members are going to be able to purchase my album early as well as receive 1 song off of it free in advance of the release. You will also receive all of the perks from the Copper Tier.

Thank You! 

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Silver Members are going to Get my album free when it releases plus get all of the perks from all lower tiers.

Thank You! 

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WOW! I can't thank you enough. Gold Members have access to one of my favorite perks. You will be able to submit cover song ideas to me. Every other month (6 times a year) I will go through and choose one of your submissions and cover and release a video to go with that song! Also you will receive perks from all lower tiers
$50 or more per month
Platinum Members will get to have a once a month 30 minute skype call with me where we talk about whatever you want! I can update you on the channel and me, give you guitar lessons, or we can shoot the breeze! Totally up to you!

Thanks so much!

$100 or more per month
This is too amazing! Diamond Members! I'm gonna write you a song! You can give me a subject, or idea and I'll go write a song about it to the best of my ability! You'll also receive all lower tier perks!

*Please Note* Limit to one song per year, per person. Also subject matter must be appropriate. Any song I write I will retain ownership and rights too.

Above and Beyond
$200 or more per month
There's not many words that can express the level of thanks! If you are an Above and Beyond Member, you're going to be able to have me guest on your album! Or if you aren't a musician, You'll be able to write me and we will work something out for you! Pretty much if I am able we will work out a custom perk! Also you'll receive all lower tier perks! 

*Please note* Any guest album work will not include me traveling. I will record from my end whatever you'd like and send it to you! Thanks again!

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