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Back When I Started Song A Day
There’re a lot of things pertaining to song a day that I wish I had considered from the start.

The fact that I always wear purple now, for instance. I wish that I had done that (or something like it) from the beginning. I always had a sense (and people were always giving me advice) that song a day needed a visual through-line to hold the project together. One person at some point suggested a background that I always have with me, which was a cool idea. But then my friend Ronen noticed how often I wear purple and just suggested that whenever I’m in front of a camera, I should have the purple on. It was a simple and elegant solution.

Back when I started song a day, I wasn’t thinking about this kind of thing at all.

I often wish that I had started song a day a day BEFORE Jan. 1 2009 so that I could write each day’s song the day before. The reason for this is that I think it would be a good idea to release the song at the same time each day. Say, 10am. Or something. This is pretty much impossible if I’m making the song of the day ON the day, but if I were always one day ahead, it’d be much simpler. I could always start doing this at any time, and maybe sometime I will, but for some reason it feels like an awkward thing to do so far into this project.

Back when I started song a day, I wasn’t thinking about this kind of thing at all.

I’ve always noticed (and it’s well known) that small consistencies can really make folks who watch or stick with a project over a long period feel welcome, and at home. Many YouTubers greet their viewers with some pet name (Nerdfighters, or Ze Frank’s Sports Racers). I’ve noticed that I have this “at home” feeling when listening to podcasts. The announcers always start the same way and it makes you feel good and welcome. This podcast I’m obsessed with at the moment, “The History of Rome” has the simplest intro but for some reason it feels great. “Hello, and welcome to the History of Rome”. That’s it. Over and over, episode after episode.

I used to put the number for my song in the title, at the beginning: “Song A Day #1: In The Time of The Gods”. Then at some point I took out the number and just had the title. This was because I noticed that when my videos came up in the side bar, it was just a deal of “Song A Day #x” and it looked horrible. It was visually distracting and it made me not want to click on anything. But eventually I missed the song number so I started putting it at the end: “In The Time of The Gods | Song A Day #1”.

This worked for while. but earlier this year I decided to take them out again. I just really like the clean title look. And I feel like a clean title is more clickable, for what that’s worth.

Then just the other day, while listening to the History of Rome, I got the idea that I should introduce myself at the beginning of each video, and say which number I’m on. It’s winwinwin - I can keep the number, have a clean title, and have a thing that I say at the beginning of videos to make my listeners feel like they’re home. I wish that I had been doing this from the beginning. Oh man.

But back when I started song a day, I wasn’t thinking about this kind of thing at all.