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(Please Click The 'Back Working on StarVeil!' link above to see comic!) Hello! I just want to first say thank you to everyone who has become a Patron of StarVeil, I really appreciate the support! When I started this Patreon account I had high hopes for jumping right into the comic month to month but unfortunately work and life forced me to take time away. But thats over now and I'm officially back on it :). StarVeil is my little passion project and hopefully with all your support I can finally start to bring this book into reality! Everything story wise is written out and ready to be worked into comics. Now its just a matter of hard work and dedication to making it all happen. Thank you again for all your generous pledges! It means so much to me that you would go out of your way to help me take the time to produce this book. So heres to the future of StarVeil! Starting with 'StarVeil - Nebula #3' I would recommend reading this on tumblr so you can get the full experience! I hope to bring more animated panels into the mix as well! - Links to previous installments are in the description from the link, or you can check them out in previous posts on this page :). Again, thank you all! All my love, Dave Rapoza