Backer-Based Adventurer #16: Charlie
Charlie has a taste for the finer things, her inspiration comes from Fidget, or maybe it's Boon:

A zull yuman named Charlie, with a big-boned physique, extra-fuzzy helping of fur, and medium-length hair in need of trimming. She usually wears an oversized sweater, short loose pants, and bare feet. A warm and dark colour scheme seems appropriate if a colour is a thing that happens. Prefers blunt objects of whatever type as a weapon if participating in shameful violence. She is one of those people who's always drinking from a canteen she carries.
Charlie has a hobby of wood carving, and has a job at one of the less frightening taverns in Hilla, due to interests in visual details and in yuman behaviour respectively.
In terms of her own behavious, she's got an active curiosity to know what's going on but doesn't get involved in the details. (Or whatever works for the comic, I suppose.)
She wishes everybody Good Luck Out There when they part ways and she really means it. And she loves music - she goes starry-eyed and listens intently whenever any music is playing.

You just know there's some blunt weapons in that oversized sweater.