Backer-Based Adventurer #17: Zhimu Firetail

Zhimu must have swung through Zhange-Zhi to get her equipment set. She's here thanks to Douglas Martin's most thorough description.

The Character I have in mind is "Zhimu Firetail", a stout red panda styled Yuman lady travelling the world after a childhood spent on a boring farm in her homeland. Her coat is classic red-panda - black limbs and belly with a red back, but with red digits. Her hair is either worn in a long ponytail with some hair left to hang as bangs, or left to hang free and wild. Long and red, with white 'v' patterns in the back.

She's a bit large for her kind at around seven feet of height (unless that doesn't fit in the setting!) and has been hardened from years of physical labor on the farm. She switches between wielding a spear and shield, or a two handed greatsword. Often times she just wears simple leather armor that leaves her arms bared and a tabard with her family's sigil: an outline of a sideways tail interlaced with a spear. When the situation calls for it, she has a full set of red/black lamellar armor. Her goal is to collect stories at the same time she shares the lore and ways of her homeland. When encouraged with a bit of drink, she's known to talk the ears off of those she meets. She's relatively easygoing unless lives are in immediate danger, committed to savoring the journey as much as the end goal. Treasure is not really a concern of hers, save to find interesting trinkets or relics to share with those back home. Zhimu is in her mid forties.

Oh but there's more.

Zhimu laughs at those who heroically tear off their helmets and hats in the face of danger, so that all may see their handsome faces. She's very particular about wearing her sakkat while fighting, and pairs it with a long white scarf she sometimes pulls over her muzzle while fighting, the tail left to flap behind her in appropriately dramatic fashion. She'll carry on without it if forced to.

Ya know I've seen lamellar armor and sakkats before, but now I know what they're called.