Backer-Based Adventurer #23: Eric Roost
It's been too long since I've had any Backer-Based Adventurers designing fun. Fortunately my buddy Trent helped me out with this description for Eric Roost:

He's sharply dressed, in a dark suit and tie, which creates a good first impression but doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in his seriousness as an adventurer.

He's never without his tasteful satchel of maps, depicting the layout and myriad dangers of the local dungeons, temples, and ruins. He spends his days chatting up adventurers, trying to assemble a team of unwieldy size (usually more than ten) with the “ideal” set of skills to loot a particular dungeon. His elaborate, precisely-timed heists have yet to be tested in the field, as adventurers always end up just buying the maps off him. It's a decent living, but far from the “big score” he dreams of.

Maybe he'll have more luck on casual Friday.