Backer Drive Week 4: Nine Models of the Artist
Dear all,

As with last week, there's a special secret release for backers behind the paywall, so I wanted to share a free thing about money with you again. This is a talk I gave for Small Is Beautiful earlier this year, a new version of a piece of writing about how we think about art, money and work.

It's been a pretty lovely month, with a whole bunch of new folk signing up, and I've enjoyed the time to connect with backers and talk about the process of crowd patronage. I hope you've enjoyed the new releases! It'll quiet down a good bit from here, but progress on my game Raik is going very well, and I'm on track for a Christmas release -- join as a backer if you fancy getting in on the beta.

Lastly, this week is your last chance to get a free copy of the print of Casual Games for Casual Hikers! So if you'd like me to spend even more time cutting and folding and posting next week, please join in.