Backer Reward: June!

Reward package for MEGAMAID level ($10) patrons and up this month: the Halo Reach/Halo 3 Needler! There's only ever been one of these guys to make it out of my studio, and only five kits were sent out before Microsoft very politely told me to knock it off. Want to build your own? There's a TON of files in this package. 

File package will include:

• PDF and AI vector blueprints

• AI vector templates for laser cutting (there was a LOT of laser cutting on this project)

• Reference list for silicone and resins used, with links to retailers

• Reference list for electronics used, with links to retailers

• Library of reference photos - concept art, orthographic images and in game shots

• MP3 and WAV files for autofire, single fire, and power up noises (along with a bunch of others that didn't make it into my build but will be helpful for others!)

• OBJ 3D model for the Needler and projectiles with very detailed texture maps

• Over 1500 progress photos!

Links to download these files will be sent via private message to all qualifying backers who pledged in June. 

Enjoy the pink mist!