Background Livestream
Howdy-Doodie Guys!!......Sorry, I was trying to sound cool/interesting and....well that was just a total failure.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I hope you guys had a great time with your family! It's almost 6pm and I decided to do a livestream of me trying to get the next background rough drafted and inked in. Livestream has shut down on me multiple times because it either doesn't work nice with Photoshop or itunes so I'm going to start things up with Manga Studio and keep Itunes closed and hope that the program is kind to me.

I plan on turning this livestream into a speed up process video if everything goes smoothly so even if you aren't able to make tonight's livestream you'll still be able to see the speed up finished process <3

If you have any questions while I am working on this background, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section, since firefox doesn't seem to work well with livestream either (my computer is really old) I plan on having the comment box open on my other laptop so that I can respond that way. If I don't respond that either means I didn't see the comment or my other laptop is too old to handle livestream as well......So let's get to it!!