Background: Craos Hopewalker
Hi guys, this Background got a little bit delayed, but I have a perfectly good explanation. You see, I’m a member of a Facebook group called “Blizzard Addicts” (who could’ve guessed I’m a Blizz Addict! :O ), and I wanted the community to get involved with Ambassadors. So I started a Transmogrify Contest, encouraging people to share their best Draenei Paladin Screenshots. Now, the winner wasn’t precisely a Paladin, but the screenshot was amazing and it got most of the votes. So I want to give my thanks to everyone that participated in the contest, and a very special congratulations to Glen “Ragnar” Florczyk who won the contest!

Regarding our character, Craos the Hopewalker, or simply Hopewalker, wasn’t always a Paladin. Before taking up the arms, he was a peaceful and tranquil Priest, born in the Temple of Karabor back in Draenor. He’s over a hundred years old, and he has seen many conflicts come and go.

He has always been a close follower of Prophet Velen’s teachings, and the Naaru have been the main subject of his studies. Craos arrived on Azeroth aboard the Exodar like the rest of his people, fleeing from a dead, war-torn Draenor, or as it was called now, Outland. His faith in the light was crucial for him and his fellow draenei during those dark times, granting him the title of Hopewalker; “he who walks in the realms of Hope and brings its blessing to the less fortunate”. 

When the Scourge returned and invaded the Horde and Alliance main cities, Craos knew that his faith alone wouldn’t be enough to hold such unholy enemy back. He joined the Argent Crusade and as a recruit under the tutelage of Argheros Irondawn, he became a mighty Paladin. 

Even though he is a fierce warrior of the Light, Craos still wields his powers to protect his comrades, keeping his tranquil behavior and his hopeful aura. Unlike his brothers and sisters in arms, he only wears his holy armor when going into battle, favoring the use of draenic cloth vestments for his daily routines.

His presence within the Embassy will bring comfort to many of its members, as well as a magnificent asset to its ranks.

Additional character details:

Name: Craos Hopewalker

Class: Paladin (Holy)

Previously: Anchorite (Priest)

Birthplace: Karabor, Draenor

Home: Exodar

Screenshot courtesy of: Glen “Ragnar” Florczyk.