Background: Gabeh Primalhoof
Hello trusty readers! Today is Wednesday (why thank you captain obvious), which means we get a brand new Background.

And it’s a very special background too, because this time I’ll be introducing the first Ambassador who wasn’t created by me. That’s right, Gabeh Primalhoof isn’t one of my characters at all, and it isn’t a Tauren created exclusively for the book. Instead, this easy going Druid belongs to one of my closest friends, Dario, and he allowed me to include him in the novel. You must know that Dario is also one of my main supporters and one of my first patrons, so he totally deserves a place in Ambassadors.

Well, to be honest, Gabeh is actually a mashup of a character that I came up with and Dario’s character. The Druid is his, that totally true, but I changed the name for it to sound a little bit more “taurenic” and druidic. Plus, I came up with the story for this guy, which we will see in “Chapter 17 - The Last Primalhoof”, so I don’t want to throw any spoilers at you!

Well, there’s one thing that the title already spoils… He is indeed the last of his tribe, and we’ll get to see how he ends up forming part of the Embassy. 

Gabeh isn’t the only character that Dario allowed me to use, and he isn’t the only one of my friends who did this either. I must say that I’m really glad of including all these toons in the story… it makes it even more special to me. A cool fun fact: I’m the one responsible for Dario playing Warcraft, which is really awesome if you ask me. You are welcome, dude!

Anyway, I’m totally looking forward to writing Chapter 17, so I must work harder than ever to get to my “50% of Ambassadors Progress by December 2017” goal (I talked about this in my livestream last night). I feel confident I’ll achieve it!

Additional character details:

Name: Gabeh Primalhoof

Class: Druid (Balance)

Birthplace: Thousand Needles, Kalimdor

Home: Thunder Bluff