backlogs, multiplayer, and sci-fi
 Hey gang. I noticed we all have recording setups, might be fun to do a multiplayer sesh with all of us. Will have to find a suitable game for that.

But on the topic of single player games, I wrote down my backlog in case inspiration was needed for other games to play. Always nice to cross one off the list.

We've got FF XV coming up after FF XII, and Metal Gear Solid 1 now that Snake Eater is finished. MGS 4 might be nice to tie it all together and see how it holds up but I remember a very inconsistent experience (although I was smoking a bunch of weed at the time).

We're still quite fresh into Prey but another immersive game of that sort is always welcomed and dear lord how I miss scifi! I cannot wait for CD Proekt Red's Cyberpunk game. Maybe a Deus Ex in our future? The original is regarded as one of the best computer games ever made and Human Revolution was a damn fine reboot. It's amazing how under served that genre is with quality games as it seems to fit what you can do with the medium so well. 

Shadow of Colossus

Windwaker HD

prey -soon to be ticked!

Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario 3D world post-credits levels

Tropical Freeze

Deus Ex Human Revolution

gta iv    v

resistance 3

ratchet and clank tools of destruction

fallout new vegas

mario rabbids kingdom borrowing


nier - route A done

uncharted collection

yakuza kiwami

chrono cross

suikoden 1 2

silent hill 1

yakuza 5



axiom verge



darksiders 2  but i hear 1 is better


final fantasy xv- coming up!



Grim Fandango

hellblade senuas sacrifice

night in the woods

bendy iknk machine


the witness

calssic wing commander


the observer

Kingdom Hearts

Gravity Rush



Resident Evil remake

rebel galaxy

roguye galaxy

Sat Morn RpG

sleeping dogs 


Sonic Mania

south park fractured but whole

the banner saga

Last of Us DLC

homeworld remastered and homeworld:deserts of kharak


Until Dawn

deus ex 1, 3



fallout 1 and 2

half life 1 2

xwing alliance

system shock 2


gta v


another world

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