Backstage Blog #0: Welcome! What's This Patreon All About?

Hello! And welcome to my Backstage Pass Patreon Blog!

First off, thank you! I've said it quite a bit on this page, but it really does mean a lot to me. 

Second (and this is important): This will be the only Backstage Blog post that I will ever make public. Primarily because I want to give people a good idea of what they can expect from my various Patreon tiers, specifically the blog tier where all of these entries will go. IMHO, If you're willing to listen to me talk about myself, my comics, my process and my experiences in an entertaining and educative manner, then I promise that I will do my best to make the entire endeavor worth your time, enjoyment and money!

That said, Entry #0 serves as an introductory primer to let you know what my blog posts will be about in greater detail. Primarily, I'll be discussing a wide variety of things:

  • "Chip and Walter" and "Time Trouble" (the old and the new strips, usually doing a comparison and contrast or discussing my creative process)
  • My work and experiences on the Archie Sonic comics from start to finish. (Sonic the Hedgehog #134-Sonic the Hedgehog #292) with new "cover" illustrations for any work that I specifically drew.
  • My work and experiences doing Disney Comics from Gemstone to Boom to IDW with new "cover" illustrations for any work that I specifically localized. 
  • My general industry experiences.

That's actually a fairly broad gamut of topics. Whatever else you'd like me to cover, please let me know! You're contributing to this blog too. The whole point of my Patreon is direct feedback, discussion and involvement with you that cannot be done comfortably through standard social media. The new art and original line art (pencils and inks) is what justifies the patreon tier. 

That said, here's a small sample of what you will find on my patreon:

CNW/TT: The Old Comic Strips

I have to be 100% perfectly honest and say that I don't feel like the old CNW/TT comics by themselves are justifiable through a paywall. I always felt like the art was old and outdated compared to my current skill level which is exactly why I took the old versions down. Even though I know I improved and I can see that improvement, I still feel like there needs to be a lot more to justify its placement in a patreon tier. So to make up for that, I'm going to post them with breakdowns and comparisons to the new CNW/TT comics (when applicable) with as much in-depth discussions of my process that I can muster. 

That said, because I have over 300 of these things, along with all of the original pencils and inks for them and any original art that I did for the old website, I'm not at all wanting for things to discuss.

If there's enough demand for them in the far future, I'll make the strips public as a bare-bones browseable archive (I'd like to get the new comics well up and going before I even think about considering this) . But all the discussion, line art and comparisons will stay strictly patreon only.

 CNW/TT: The New Comic Strips 

In addition to the old comics, I'll also make blog posts on the new comics that don't have any sort of old equivalent as they currently update. These posts will mostly go into discussing my process, showing off finished pencils and inks, and discussing things I can't really cover on the main page. This section will mostly speak for itself.

Archie Sonic/Disney Comics

In addition to the behind the scenes info on my personal comics, once a month I'll devote a post to any Archie Sonic comics or Disney Comics that I've done. 

Beyond CNW/TT updates which will have frequent posts due to the scheduling of the new comics, this will be the new stuff to look forward to for this patreon tier. Once a month, I'll post:

  • original artwork
  • line art
  • script excerpts (when applicable)
  • process material from my professional work.

In addition to that, for any story I did that does not have a cover I drew, starting with Sonic the Hedgehog #134 ("Home -Epilogue-") and Gemstone's Mickey Mouse Adventures #13 ("By Twilight's Bite"), I'll make a new piece of illustrated "cover art" -- penciled, inked and fully colored with the process available for you all to see!

Ultimately, I'd like to go into much greater detail about the ups and downs of what it's like to work on professional licensed comics that I've enjoyed having a hand in helping to create. Social media doesn't allow for this kind of in-depth interaction and I have quite a lot of old art and info I've never shared before (within reason). If I can make work for me monetarily and entertain my followers, why not? In some cases, revisiting this stuff will finally give me a good chance to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

It's incredibly odd to be writing about my personal comics again... especially the old versions of them. It's odder to revisit old Archie Sonic and Disney stuff too, in a way that makes this material work for my own benefit. But my goal here is to, ultimately, make my experiences worth your while and mine.

I hope that you enjoy the work that I've made as much as I've enjoyed making it.

So let's get started!

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