Bad News and Sort of Good News
It's been a while since my last update, and I can only apologise for that. You have supported me and I have not delivered which I've felt pretty terrible about. While I could give you a larger amount of justifications, it mostly comes down to mental health and the sheer amount of hours these projects take. (Awkward to admit, but I'm a perfectionist and cleaning up my scans takes a couple of hours a page.) It doesn't excuse me for not fulfilling my responsibilities.

I only have a very incomplete version of the Documents of Outlaw Star art book here, up to page 25 of its total 115. While the rest of book is mostly done (orienting, noise correction and descreening) I need to complete the final cleaning process. Unfortunately I'm going to hospital for surgery in about ten days and the recovery period will take a while. My laptop isn't powerful enough to work on my scans so this is all I have for now.

The good news is that I'm issuing a refund for the past four months. I truly appreciate every last penny of your patronage, but I also want to do you right. Therefore I am setting my Patreon account to a hiatus status until I've at least completed a few Outlaw Star art books. (I'll do a couple of shorter books.) You won't be charged again until then. I hope you'll stay with me throughout this, and if Patreon allows I'll continue adding updates shortly after I'm discharged from hospital.

By the way, the pages in this PDF are 3233x3986. I'll release the full scans as well when it's completed which will retain most of the good quality and be (if memory serves) about 50% bigger. I may also release a small PDF version about 50% smaller if requested. Enjoy. :)

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