bad plumbing (super mario maker)
as you may know if you've read my recent offworld piece on nintendo's game-making tools, i'm pretty frustrated with nintendo's decision to release super mario maker only on the wii u. that's because it's genuinely everything i could ask for from such a thing: simple, accessible, playful and discoverable. game elements interact with one another in surprising and exciting ways. almost anything you try as a creator is rewarded in some way. it could be a really incredible tool for learning about level design - if it wasn't stuck on a platform no one owns.

i know exactly one person who owns a wii u, and i've been playing his roommate's copy of super mario maker on his wii u. i've made a few little concept sketches (including a remake of myfanwy ashmore's classic mario romhack, mario battle no. 1 - course id D71A-0000-001D-3CF4) but the one i put together today - bad plumbing - is the most developed one i've made so far.

everyone's trying to use mario maker to create the most difficult levels they can, but challenge doesn't really interest me. bad plumbing was an attempt to tell a little story, to focus on tone, texture and space. it's not unlike my 2008 mario romhack, mario goes underground.

you can check it out with this course id:


(it'll be listed as by "miguel," my wii u benefactor.) you need super mario maker to play it, but if someone posts a video, lemme know and i'll post it here! ENJOY.