Badge Paws- ON SALE
Badge Paws are something I came up with for animal lovers to hang off our keys, lanyards, or badges at events. I would love to see them become a huge thing and have all my followers get one (or more!) There are multiple color options, and I can make them reversible! These cost $5 (plus 3 for shipping inside the US) until the 23rd. Then the price will increase. If you order one, 50% of the funds go to help KeAnna with her medical bills. (if all of you get one that's $280!) If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here- KeAnna is an old friend of mine, and this has taken a hard tole on her, and her family. To order one(or more!), fill out the commission form. You will receive an invoice confirming your slot, and the paw will be made and shipped out in 2 business days! Fill out the form below-