Badger Day?! Wait, what? Oh, noooooo...

 I came across the hashtag #BadgersDay several times and just had to learn more. My husband is a huge fan of the honey badger, and I've watched a few documentaries on the clever creatures. Was is about Wisconsin? Nope. (Click here to visit the Badger Trust.)

It turns out, there's a sad occurrence that  is leading National Badger Day to trend across the UK.There is a badger culling that is currently happening.  :'(

I won't go into all of the details, but it seems the science behind it may not even be solid, and reminds me very much of our own horrendous black bear hunt right here in Florida. 

A cartoon tweeted by Peta UK not only brought tears to my eyes, an audible sob escaped my throat and made me push my to-do list to the side for a bit longer. I read more about them. I cried more. I decided to sketch up a zentangle in honor of the badgers. (And to chill out on the feels. If you want feels, click here to see more of Ben Cameron's work.)

 However, when I was taking a quick morning break, I remembered I needed to do my quarterly sales tax before vacation. Well, S$^#! That had to get done, and then the dog needs bathing, her food needs cooked, and laundry, jeez. I gotta go.

So, the badgers will have to wait here until I can get back to them to finish, and that might be after travel. Let me know if you think I should go all out, or leave this drawing minimally inked so it can be used as a coloring page.
 I don't think they will mind too much. A safe place to hide seems like a nice thing. 

 Stay safe, little ones.