Well, in a matter of speaking: I figured instead of just giving little IV-drip-sized updates on it, I'd instead just allow everyone to be able to check it out as it's being worked on. Currently I'm trying to resolve some lighting issues caused by WebGL, but you can stick pick up and polish badges at your leisure (right click to put em back down), which do get dirty the longer it's been since you last checked on em. All the badges are currently place-holders, as I wanted to make sure things rendered correctly before implementing the real models. Additionally the following still need to be implemented:

- sfx for polishing, plus "tapping" badges to get different-pitched dings, not unlike Pokémond Diamond/Pearl

- a handful of secrets here and there

Also, this means I can get it up and running without having to wait on anyone whose badge hasn't been designed yet. Until the Badge Collection is totally complete, updates to it will be unannounced and sporadic, so check back regularly I GUESS,