The Ballad of Hank Hardback.
As part of our "Suspicious Wizard" pledge level, we are offering ballads based on characters YOU create! Below is the ballad NPC Aaron wrote for Derek, about a Nodosaur Propoganda-Poster Boy within our "In Cold Blood" universe! The Ballad of Norman "Hank" Hardback Way back in the late 19th century In a small mountain town struck destiny and a hero by the name of Norman Hardback was born. When he grew up he didn't like the name so much So he went by Hank and left his hutch to set out for the coast where the moving pictures were made But before he appeared on the silver screen The Kaiser said he'd smash the Earth to smithereens So Norman got drafted and trained to battle instead He got through boot camp on his charm and wits his commanding officer saw where he really fit so they put him on the posters back home to inspire folks Hank Hardback tells young men to enlist His image tells us that we can all persist If back home we purchase liberty bonds And save food for the the troops that travel beyond We'll stamp out the Kaiser, and foil his nefarious plans Hank was placed in a special company it was a motley crew, or so it would seem but in time he grew to trust them and call them friends There was Sunshine, the shutterbug and Utah, with the mean uppercut And though they were opposites their missions never failed There was Beaks who was a bit of a flying ace Though he's too modest to say that that's the case And we can't forget the Compies, well, there's nine of them. But it was Hardback Hank who led those men And while I really don't want to spoil the end You don't hear much about that ugly Kaiser today Hank Hardback told the young men to enlist His image told us that we coul all persist If back home we purchased liberty bonds And saved food for the the troops that traveled beyond We stamped out the Kaiser, and foiled his nefarious plans. --So there you go. Thanks again Derek!