Balsamic Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner~Noreen's Kitchen
This is actually going to be a double sheet pan dinner.  I did this so that everything would essentially cook at once however there are a couple stages where you will take out then rearrange and then in the end it will take about 45 minutes for everything to be finished.  So stick with me and we will get you through.  Overall this is super easy and it will make your hungry crew happy when dinnertime rolls around.

I used one package of my freezer marinated chicken that I thawed completely before baking.  I used the chicken that I marinated in balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing.  Salad dressing is a great option for marinades.  I have been using them for years and there is a great selection to choose from no matter what your particular taste.  If you haven't done the freezer marinades you can do this quick marinade style by putting your chicken in a zip top bag and marinating in the salad dressing for 15 to 30 minutes before baking.  No worries.  It will be great!  But give the freezer marinating method a try!  It really is great when you know you have prepared marinated meat in the freezer that you didn't pay extra to the grocery store to do.

We are rounding out this sheet pan dinner with thick slices of jumbo russet potatoes and a fresh vegetable blend comprised of zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes.  You can also add onion and garlic and I would have but my youngest really prefers this without so I made her happy.  You can add whatever you like to this blend.  

I put all the vegetables in a large bowl and drizzled with healthy amounts of both olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I also sprinkled with salt and Italian seasoning.  I placed the vegetables on a sheet pan on their own and shared the other sheet pan with the chicken and the potato slices.  I had a few too many potatoes, so I stacked them. 

I baked everything at 350 for about a half hour, then I removed the chicken from the oven and kept it warm.  I spread out the potato slices on the baking sheet and returned it to the oven for an additional 10 minutes.  At the same time I checked the vegetables.  I allowed them to roast for another 5 minutes before removing.  The potatoes went for the full 45 minutes.  The vegetables for 35 minutes and the chicken for 30 minutes.  You will want to check your chicken, depending on it's thickness, it may take more or less time to cook to perfection.

I always like to allow the food to cool for 10 minutes before serving so that is what we did.  I plated the chicken atop a bed of the roasted vegetables and then drizzled some of the pans sauce on top.  Added some of the perfectly roasted potato slices to the plate and voiia'!  Dinner is served!

This is a great option for anytime.  We had this for Sunday dinner, but this is easily done on a weeknight when you are getting home from work.    If you want to mix this up, instead of roasting potatoes, you can prepare some angel hair pasta and when the chicken is cooked, chunk it up them serve the chicken and vegetables on top of the pasta for a great roasted veggie chicken primavera vibe.  Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and enjoy!

We ate all of the chicken but had about 25% of the veggies and about 6 slices of potatoes leftover.  I am keeping those to make either a roasted vegetable frittata with my leftover Easter ham or a roasted vegetable pizza or both because I think I have enough vegetables to do that! Using up those valuable leftovers, that's what I do!  

I hope you give this balsamic chicken and vegetable sheet pan dinner a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!!

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