Banana Pancakes tutorial is here!
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Aloha Patrons!

Banana Pancakes tutorial is here!  (our March 2017 vote winner).  It's got every kind of uke challenge going on - chucking, picking, reading tab, upstrum, fast chord transitions.  Try it out, have fun, let me know how it goes!

Tutorial video is here:

The chord chart is now available for all at . $3+ Patrons can download directly from this post , the chord chart has been updated since the Live Lesson (thanks to your feedback!), so you might want to download it again.


Don't forget to vote for this month's tutorial (voting closes tomorrow night) - definitely go back and upvote other people's song requests (click the "heart" on their comments) - the most upvoted songs will get included in next month's poll.

Thank you for supporting what I do, and for helping to spread the joy of uke!  

xo cynthia.