Bananas and Males
The shoot went very well and a little strange, which is how it should be. Because of some crazy August schedules we filmed both videos in one day. Thoroughly Modern Male is pretty much me and my friend Paul (on drums) singing in the kitchen happily. I think this one is going to sound pretty nice when we're done mixing it. The "Bananas" song went a little, well, weird. What started off as a fairly innocent tune about bananas seemed to take a dark turn somewhere along the way. I think it was after I put on the "wacky" items I had gathered to wear and recognized that I didn't look wacky at all... just sort of creepy. Anyway, it turned into more of a performance art piece than a song, and I sure hope it's funny and weird, instead of just weird. The problem is I often don't know... So, we should have the first one up in a few days. And thanks again for your support!