The Banks invented Bitcoin!
With Bitcoin, the Hope came up that we can have a life without banks. Then the banks make a lot of money just with the transactions from one person to the others. Now we can have a direct transaction and no Bank who profits from it. 

**We look at Bitcoin as a hero in this time where banks are governed over the world.**

Then we know that to rob a bank is a small crime but to own a bank is the biggest crime!

**But couldn't Bitcoin be an invention from the banks?!**

If we look at the situation from the banks right now.  The big bank secrets aren't possible anymore like in the past. 

It isn't easy to make money from wars and with illegal handlings anymore. And the market has a low movement at the moment. 

The Immobilien is not interesting and the stock market either​r. 

With Bitcoin, these​ problems are solved. There is a huge movement, it can be used anonym so there is a lot of possibilities​​ to make illegal​ handlings. And people can save​ money in the Bitcoin​ value and with new possibilities of "bank secrets" guarantee. 

So a huge potential for profits!

So the banks could​ just come​ up with this great Idea of Bitcoin and every one is jumping on the train. 

No​ one would​ know that it is​ just an other tool for the banks.  To make money and to shine in the market of low % and low market movement. 

This would be crazy! 

It's possible that they just created the name Satoshi Nakamoto that no one could say it's from the banks. Because till now it's not sure that Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. But it's all planned​ and people got paid​ in the back. 

If the banks would really have invented it's sad that the ideas to overcome the bank system got destroyed and we are still in the system we wanted to break. 

The good thing would be that the chance that Bitcoins get bigger is higher because​ the banks will support it. 

Maybe we will find out in the future who the real inventor of Bitcoin is. 

Don't miss understand me this theory is just a possibility​ and interesting to think about it. 

Also, ​it is kind of a conspiracy theory but still possible. 

So I like to play with this thought. 

**Why do you think could it be possible that the banks are the inventor or not?

Write it down in the Comments**


Kindly regards

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