Hi gang. I wanted to say thank you so much for sticking with me. This winter has been pretty awful: wall to wall deadlines, and then at the end of January I got so sick I ended up in hospital. It took me four weeks to recover. I'm back now, but wow, that was no fun. Get your flu shots, kids!

The circa $300 I get every month from you all pretty much saved my life during this period. I know especially with Twisted Romance hitting such a chord, it seems like I'm doing super well, and I am. I have no complaints about my career. 

But what nobody tells you about success is when you are everywhere and critically lauded, blah blah blah, you have $60 to your name because nobody's paid you for that work yet, and you're crazy stressed because you are doing four projects at once and prepping the next.

I've finished Bad Girls (out in July from Gallery 13); that was a major cause of stress for me that's over. So was Twisted Romance (Image; was weekly in Feb) -- doing a 48-page weekly book that is on time and well made is... a lot. Especially when you're having to do final proofs and corrections when you're so sick you literally can't stand up. I've also written two sci-fi prose shorts I'll be sharing with you in the coming weeks (backers only, unlike this post), a Judge Dredd story, and a Rogue Trooper story. And worked on a bunch of pitches. And FINALLY fucking started the Mayday sequel.

This month will mostly see me working on Facsimile again (also: FINALLY) and the Mayday sequel. 

Anyway. That's me. In other news, Dark Horse cancelled Bankshot's final issue (Issue #5) and also the trade paperback because of art delays. Here's the script, which was finished back in January 2016. I'm deeply sorry to all of you who followed / loved his story -- I loved it too and really wanted to see it completed, but unfortunately sometimes things happen that I cannot control and the myriad and interlinked production issues on this book were one of them. 

This is a VERY RARE example of one of my scripts being released into the wild. I never really do that... I know some writers really dig sharing their scripts but not me. Bear in mind if you are using this to teach yourself how to write comics, that this is an issue #5 script so there is significantly less description than you'd expect -- we've already established characters, locations, dress, et cetera.

Anyway, thanks again, and as I said, some fun prose sci-fi stuff to come next week.