The Bannerman Gig
Hello my Loves,

...feeling better (though abstaining from facebook politics for the moment after a few really unpleasant things). Working. Relaxing. Being pampered by the Chief <3 Looking forward SO MUCH to hug Mishkin again when birdeatsbaby come to Berlin in only 3 weeks!! (god I have to clean the apartment and order vegan cupcakes :-D)

The Autumn song is good. Sorry if I say so myself. We´re working on it in a completely different fashion, I´ll do a bit of video doc for the higher tiers and in the Super Patreon group. It´s finished, in a way, but before recording, we want to practise it a bit more :-D so here´s a bit of summer for you in the meantime, the epic gig at Bannerman´s Bar Edinburgh this summer, invited by Atticus Oldman/Wullie Steele whose Absinthe Affair you can support here on Patreon btw! A few of you have been there. And there was this couple who we met first a few weeks before at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, that girl who was running to me and jumoing up and down when we started setting up and yelling "I´m so much of a fan, I´ve got all your records!" but had never see us live so far - and then they were on holiday in Auld Reekie (Edinburgh for the Non-Brits :-D) and went past Bannerman´s, and she jumped and yelled again "OMG Feline and Strange are playing tonight, can we go? can we go?" Small world <3

It´s her yelling "Sings auf Deutsch" (Sing it in German" when I forget my lyrics on How Much! And yes I did - spontaneously ... I completed the translation in the meantime and might do a German EP at some point. ... Well it´s a goal actually :-D

Have fun. 

Gigs with birdeatsbaby in December: 9th Supamolly, a honest to god Punk venue, unfortunately they do not allow video recording so if you can COME, 

10th acoustic at our extended living room, the Fargo.

Andreas, I know you´ll be there! Who else?



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