Baram at Thanksgiving, a repost story
Originally posted Oct. 31, 2012


 November, Year 11 of the Addergoole School

(This is a prequel to the Baram's-Elves stories)

"Going to celebrate Thanksgiving?"

The girl who worked the desk at the shop was chatty, always chatty, even with Baram. He shrugged at her. He didn't bother smiling. Nobody thought it was friendly. 

"That this week?"

She laughed, although she was smelling nervous. "Tomorrow. You really didn't know?"


He stumped home, thinking about turkey. Squash. Smiling families. Not his thing, not for monsters. 

There was a girl on his porch, a skinny girl with long reddish hair. Holding a suitcase. Not looking scared.

"Are you Baram?"


"I'm Jaelie, du'Briar Rose. I've heard about you." 

Baram tensed. The girl smiled. Smiled. "I'd like to work for you." 

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