Barbarella Star Crash Pen Sketch

The A4 pen sketch is a generic science fiction depiction of Barbarella who is a comic book heroine created by the Artist, Jean-Claude Forest. 

His two-dimensional comic book heroine was later made manifest in the three-dimensional form of the actress, Jane Fonda in the 1968 science fiction film, entitled, Barbarella, directed by Roger Vadim.  

As for the name, Barbarella, it is a variant of Barbara, which is of Latin origin. The meaning of Barbara means, 'foreign (Alien) woman.' 

The adjective was originally applied to anyone who did not speak Greek; it has the same root as, 'barbarian.' 

In Roman Catholic custom, Saint Barbara is conjured as a Queen Bee spiritual protector against fire and lightning. 

She is also a patron saint of fortifications and an Art Muse of architects as well as stonemasons, one can otherwise term as being Freemasons, who as worker Bees frequent Beehive lodges.

NOTE: The Pen Sketch is used as a means to work out ideas before redrawing the Artwork on Bristol board to be finally inked; whereupon the monstrous creature might be changed, as well as changing Barbarella's costume, or adding an extra ray-gun, she may be holding in her right hand, also working on Barbarella's (Astarte) face and her crashed (Astaroth) spacecraft. Perhaps I might have Barbarella's spacecraft being on 'fire,' along with having 'lightening' arcing through the sky, etc. 

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