So- Apparently there is something about planes that makes me want to work on my RPG system, because on the flight to Philly I got a metric ton of work done (or tonne? of work done?) 

One of the biggest sticking points was whether or not I was going to try to control what cards were made, or not. If I wanted to treat it like GURPS, so any genre could use the system, and if so, who would be responsible for the expanded content. 

My AHA! - I need to trust people more. So I've made the decision to have some pre-made cards that are "official" BARD cards, but I want a heavy part of the Storyteller Toolkit (DM guide) - to have guidelines and tips for how to make balanced cards for their own campaign. It pretty much comes down to the fact that I love home brewing content, and I don't want to take that away from creative folk. 

I solidified a release plan - 

it goes something like this...

0) Not Kickstarting it. For every game I've designed Kickstarter was always the kind of "default," way I thought about funding it, but a) if someone gets excited about BARD I don't want them to have to wait a year to get the materials, so I'd rather just be ready for the Sale. b) So much of what I want to do is actually free content, it's not really a good fit. 

1) Record a video storyline actually using the BARD system, share on youtube  

2) Provide demo copies to any DMs I know, and call in whatever celebrity favors I may have accumulated throughout the years. 

3) FREE: PDF of Player Guide, PDF of Storyteller Toolkit, PDF of cards that are printable

4) FOR SALE: Printed versions of Player Guide, & Storyteller Toolkit (not sure if separate or together- aiming for sub 20$ price point, dream is 10- but a 10$ MSRP is about 2.50 for me, which is probably more than any quality print would cost to make, so 10$ might not be realistic. Blank cards and Pre-Printed Cards.

5) Website, Reddit Homebrew community, If any celebs don't hate me yet, have them on the youtube channel to do some one-off quests.  

6) Move to Hawaii (okay, so when this becomes part of the plan, it's a good indication that I need to take a break).

(next update? - I've been working out some of the card iconography to take the amount of text on a card down). 

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