Bardou - Early FToN Explorations
Hey guys! Thought I'd share a bit of how I work on FToN characters and whatnot! This is some of my daily struggles when coming up with new characters (or just really design the main ones not to be a pain in the ass to redraw on each comic page sdkjgnsd)

If you've known me for a while I bet you've seen this guy before! Yep! Bardou was originally created for Fantastic Tales of Nothing since the very beginning!  (He's in a lot of AUs, sorry about that. No, not really. SORRY NOT SORRY.) 

Anyways. Yeah, Bardou. Oh boy.  Since this webcomic has a fairly simple and cartoony style to it, I really need to push the shapes a bit more... Firstly I doodle a lot of headshots, rough body types, etc ; of course keeping in mind this fellow's personality! Quite serious, unamused guy. Angry, too. A lot of anger behind that tuft of fur. 

A good example when using references (at least, in my case) is when I tend to compare the character to other existing/similar ones. Sooo, Let's go with the basics on this one. Think of Anger from Inside out. Pretty much a square, right? That's what Im aiming for for Bardou here- fairly rough, squarish snout along with the whole body type.  Still got a few more sketch pages to go! These doodles arent still quite yet on the FToN universe style... so yeah!  

Will continue posting the progress of this guy here, along with some other doodles!

It would mean a lot if you support us on Patreon! This is only a small taste of everything that is coming next! We are super thrilled to be finally working on this, and with your help we can achieve even more for this comic! <3 So far our journey on creating this has been a blast and we are super thankful for your support on Tapastic, twitter, facebook, and heck, all the platforms! Reading all the comments and such just makes my day no matter how silly they are. (shh specially the silly ones, you guys are hilarious sometimesjbhfd) 

In any case, thanks a bunch for everything! If you just can't help us out by pledging a dollar, spreading the word would be awesome too!! ( Just by reading all of this is... yes, thankyou ;u; )

See you around!