Bare with me through the Walmart scandal
  Thus far, Walmart Cubes have really spiked channel views, subscriptions, comments, and likes.  That being said, I'm going to continue cracking open cubes for the next month.  This might be at the dismay of some Patrons but it's the best thing that's happened to the channel.  500 subscribers in one week is phenomenal!  The best I did before that was 100 in a week and that involved spamming dozens of Facebook, youtube, and MtG forums with giveaways.  

  This upcoming months Patron contributions will serve to purchase an Eternal Masters booster box!  The very first MtG video I made on Bad Boy MtG was an Eternal Masters box opening.  I want to revisit that opening in style!  Plus, any and all cards pulled from the box will be up for grabs in the following Patron Giveaway, as are all cards in all videos from the previous month.  MM17 will be included in this months giveaway, if you haven't watched the chainsaw MM17 video, you may want to.  Also, I've been selling bulk on eBay to generate extra cash for the channel. 

  I already purchased an Amonkhet booster box from my LGS for next Friday, can't wait!  A million FUCKING THANKS for everyone's support, and welcome new Patron's to Bad Boy MTG's Patron!