Barroom Brawls and Noxious Stenches...

This week, we've posted two new "20 Things" articles for your game. I don't know about you, but I find urban adventures the hardest to prepare. The party literally have an unlimited number of choices and can go anywhere and do virtually anything. It makes my head hurt--in fact this was part of the genesis of Raging Swan Press's various dressing lines

Hence, these two "20 Things" articles:

I hope you enjoy them and that they help you run your next urban adventure. They'll both appear in the upcoming GM's Miscellany: 20 Things, which I've scheduled for a March 2016 release.

A Cracking Review!

Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes has finally got its first review...and it's a five-star + seal of approval cracker! In summary, Endzeitgeist said, "this cements John Bennett's reputation as an author who gets darker fantasy and horror even further: Were I to describe this book's flair, it would be a mix of Kenneth Spencer/Mr. Kortes and Nicolas Logue/Richard Pett. Yes, I'm not using these comparisons lightly - this book is awesome in all the right ways: Smart, concise...and it takes essentially the key-components of RSP's product-lines and combines them into one glorious book."


Welcome to David and Dom who have joined the Swan Horde this week. I'm delighted you've chosen to join us and I hope you find our books jolly useful and enjoyable. 

Thank you to you all for your continued support. I can't wait to hit our next milestone!

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