Barrowmounds 03
I received my Samsung S3 (yes, funds from this Patreon page helped with this purchase) yesterday and attempted my first map. This is the result. I am reading Barrowmaze so I am obviously being highly influenced by this excellent product. 

For example, in this map is a perfect example, and one I had not thought of previously. In the first room, it appears to be a complete dead end, but there is a wall there, something seen in many Egyptian tombs: a bricked up wall. So after the person was laid to rest, the entrance was walled up. Barrowmaze presents the GM with a new idea:

Bricked-Up Walls
Barrowmaze presents a new obstacle for players: the bricked-up wall. Bricked-up walls block entry to tombs of import and require at least one sledgehammer to penetrate. Players will need to purchase one in Helix (Sledgehammer, 5gp) or find one in the dungeon. A tack hammer is simply too small for the job and a melee-style warhammer will be damaged beyond repair if used to break down a wall.

Bricked-up walls provide a quandary for players. Do they risk bashing the wall down and making noise? Will anything come out of the wall and attack them from behind if they pass it by?

Depending on how many people work on breaking through a wall it could take from 1 turn to 3 turns, and create very loud noise. This presents the DM will ample opportunity to have random encounters wander into the area. Also, is someone watching their back while they hack away at the door? So on the map above, the first room following the stairs down from the entrance (also sealed by a large doorstone), that wall is actually bricked up.

How are people liking these? I have not heard back from anyone on if they find these useful and/or if they would like me to continue making these.

Hope all is well with you,