Basic Bits: Street Lamp

It's the 15th and it seems this month you have been looking forward to the new street lamp set!

The preview pics had a  huge reach on social media so go and light up your dark village alleys and sinister forest paths.

The free version comes with a MIXED color variations layer, so when you build a set they don't all look like boring clones of each other.

Also you get a very easy and fast to build 2D (like a paper mini) and a more advanced 3D option!

If you are new to building paper models, check out my tutorials on my site: 

If you want to thank someone, thank my Patreons who make this possible with their support!

In thanking them I will give them the same with a little more options (to add and to hide), so if you like my work consider joining :-)

For $1 a month you can join my first tier on Patreon, where you get these advanced options included and support me in building more paper models for you!

  • wood or stone base
  • grass, light earth, dark earth and cobblestone ground tile
  • rope and chain hangers
  • neutral, red, green and blue light

I hope you enjoy these little bits and I am looking forward to see how you use them in your next adventure.

If you like this, help spread the word and let the world know about Papierschnitzel models!

Until next month, have fun and keep building!


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