0910 update: new file can be downloaded here https://www.patreon.com/posts/41465920

0723 update : 

the bunk bed can now be used by kids. 

fixed issues:  super speed fails to work when all sims are sleeping, sims waking up every 20 minutes, Energy filling up too fast

  If you already are a patreon of mine you dont need to download this version, the other pateron only package contains everything included here plus the exclusive bed.

The package can be downloaded in the attachment under this post. if you dont have a patreon account you can download it by clicking on this link(updated 07.23):  http://simfil.es/1950645/ 

 (the download might have started automatically, if a page doesn't pop up)

Make sure you read the instructions included in the zip file, it contains some tips on placing objects under the bunk bed. 

 if you have not used CC before, you can check out how to install them here: https://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/tutorials/mods-cc.php

the mattress and the frame are in separate pieces so that you can mix and match. 

once installed, you can find the bunk beds by searching "bunk bed" or "pandasama" in the search bar. Make sure you use free object placement when placing the bottom bunk because it doesn't tend to snap correctly. if you run into any problems, or you think you discovered a bug, feel free to send me a dm and I will look into it! 

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