Basic Income on the March (a month in review)

I've been asked by the Universal Income Project to start doing a monthly basic income newsletter, so here's the first of that. My intent is to publish a new roundup of the previous month's news at the beginning of each new month.

This is by no means 100% inclusive of everything, as there's just so much stuff going on now all over the world, but I will try to include everything that feels most important and interesting to include.

For those subscribed to the Basic Income Collection on Medium (of whom there are now 4.7k), this will also always be emailed directly to your inbox.


P.S. It looks like my basic income for April ended up being $1,002 vs last month's $1,095 due to 20 credit card declines, so whereas last month I was able to pledge $10 to 10 different BIG Pledgers building up their own basic incomes, this month I will do $1 to each.

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