Basic Story Plot of 'Fractured Fantasy'
Conceptualized By Salim Al-Mumin

The game begins with a white featureless character awakening in the middle of a vast pale grey desert overcast by a black ominous sky. You walk through the mist to the edge of a cliff, and far off in the distance over a great a somber plain you see a dim azure light. Then suddenly from over the mist across the great distance you hear a faint voice call out,

 "Whoever you are? Whatever you are? Follow my voice. Find me. Journey across this Meadow of Sorrow and seek me out."  

What follows next is a hazardous trek across the dismal plain known as the Meadow of Sorrow. You must travel swiftly avoiding a rainfall of tears and the wail spirits of Despair to find the faintly fading light at the edge a sheer frightful drop into a dark empty abyss. The fading light that you saw from afar is coming from the tip of a staff held in hand by a tall old man in robes. The old man identifies himself only as "The Sage", and explains that you are a wayward spirit lost in the land of Delirium. The only way to escape Delirium is to travel through five perilous planes and rescue the long-lost Flame of Passion. You have already succesfully crossed the first plane, the Meadow of Sorrow. All that remains now are the other four: the Frozen Crystal Forest, the Mists of Madness, the Carnal Carverns, and the Valley of Malice.  

The old sage then further explains that as a lost soul, you are a phantasmal being with the power to morph and adapt your astral body at will to assume different shapes and abilites in order to combat the dangers which lie ahead. The old sage then opens a swirling portal to the realms beyond, and gives you one final warning about the dangers laying in wait before he tearfully beckons you to slay him in order to absorb his wisdom to guide you along your journey. The player has no choice against it. The game cannot continue until the Sage is slain.  

"The path from Delirium will not be shown until all the five rulers of the five realms are slain and the essence collected into one vessel set ablaze Passion's Fire. If you wish escape you must first lay me to rest and take my light to begin your quest."  

After slaying the Sage, the player has their choice of three different regions they can travel to by way of the magic portal. There is the Frozen Crystal Forest, the Mists of Madness, and the Carnal Caverns; three realms ruled over by three powerful phantoms respectively: Void the Spiteful Cynic, OPN the Mad Artist, and Edon the Lustful Mortal. The player must traverse each realm and slay each spectre before they can pass on to the Valley of Malice. There they must navigate the land defeating all enemies and overcoming all obstacles before they finally confront Malanchton the Destroyer, and free the magnificent Flame of Passion imprisoned within the Shard of Sleeping Dreams.