This is a comedy song about things we do basically. 

I played piano on the track, my friends recorded parts on bass, cello, drums, and vocals. I brought people in to sing, I recorded the organ tracks and mixed it myself in my home studio. I shot the video with the help of some friends and getting all the actors together took quite a long time. I'm really happy with how it came out in the end. 

While my friends Tyler and Felicia were shooting with me in downtown Chicago at Millennium Park at night we got kicked out. I was so excited to get this one shot of me on top of a pillar with the tiny piano. It was so cold that night and that shot would have been amazing! We only needed 2 minutes more to get it. Sadly, security works fast around the park and they don't care for art! Or people with tiny pianos on top of pillars which is pretty dangerous. 

One of my favorite shoots was the biker shoot. My friend Tamale introduced me to her partner Moe that day. The bikers were so badass. Moe now plays trumpet with me! 

This song is free to patrons and will be on my next album. You can get it as a single here.