The Basics | Calling It In
Calling It in, also known as centering, or coming present, is a foundational practice of Your Art Is Yours. You could say that it’s the foundational practice of Your Art is Yours.

The purpose of calling It in, is to establish a clear connection with the creative wellspring within. It’s a way of communicating with yourself, “now I am starting to do this thing that is of utmost importance in my life.”

When I call it in, I often experience that I am more focused and sometimes, during the process, I receive clear next steps for myself. It works for me as a marked transition from everything that came before into a time of creativity. And supports me in experiencing alignment in my own consciousness.

You can call it in outloud, or silently inside of yourself, you can do it alone or with others. The important thing is your intention of connection and clarity. 

Here are the basic components of Calling It In:

  1. Asking for the highest good of all concerned. 
  2. Asking for the clearing of anything that is not for the highest good.
  3. Communicating with Spirit/Universe/God/Love/etc. 

As my high school calculus teacher used to say, “the best way to learn it is to do it.” So here’s an example:

We’ll start by closing our eyes. Notice our breathing. We ask for the presence of Spirit, of the Universal Love of which we are all a part. 

We ask to be filled, cleared, surrounded, and protected by this Love. We ask that anything that is not of this Love, be cleared, returning to the nothingness from which it came, that only that which is for our highest good remain. 

We ask to experience and know the fullness of our own creativity, that it guide us in the work that we do, in our words, in our colors, in our sounds, in our hands, for the highest good. 

And we come present now, to do this work that is our art. For the highest good and so it is.

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